Bintan, 16 Dec 2016

The Sanchaya Helps Local Youth Build Brighter Futures

As part of its commitment to support the local Bintan community, The Sanchaya has congratulated its latest scholarship recipients and simultaneously welcomed graduates from the program to its team of full-time staff.

The Sanchaya awards local youth with a year-long hospitality scholarship to financially support their education and provide in-house work experience while they develop their industry knowledge and skills. They are able to gain employment at the estate upon successful completion of the program.

Fresh graduates Sita Asrita Sukma Dewi, 18, Dika Meylinda Miradika, 19, Nazarudin, 20, from The Sanchaya’s front office, kitchen and housekeeping teams respectively, recently met with new scholarship recipients undertaking their studies at the Bintan Tourism Institute and The Sahid Bintan Tourism Institute.

The latest scholarship recipients Arief Wirdatha, 18, Vira, 17, Aditya Saputra, 19, La Urenza, 17, and Fanji Riswanto, 21 said they were delighted about embarking on careers in hospitality with The Sanchaya.

Ignatius Harydari, director of the Bintan Tourism Institute, said the recipients were “very grateful” The Sanchaya supported the diploma program featuring on-the-job training and eager to work with guests from around the world.

“The parents cannot support education as they come from poor backgrounds and when the students go through the scholarship program, they grow self confident and proud,” Ignatius said.

Endang Winduri, director of the Sahid Bintan Tourism Institute, added that through the program, the students developed their English, skills and performance, with excellent attitudes and care towards the guests of paramount importance.

Aditya Saputra has wanted to be a chef since first watching the television program MasterChef.

“I am so happy to be given this opportunity to work at the famous Sanchaya, to learn about hospitality and fulfill my dream,” Aditya said.