Bintan, 16 Dec 2016

Behind the Scenes at The Sanchaya with Sita

For each edition of The Chronicle, we will take you behind the scenes, enabling you to meet our inspiring team and gain greater insight into the effort involved in making The Sanchaya one of a kind. For this edition, meet Sita Asrita Sukma Dewi, 19, part of our front office team.

With her infectious grin, marvelous attitude, and ability to remember every Guest’s name by heart, Sita leaves an indelible impression with our residents.

So much so, Guests regularly single her out in their feedback about The Sanchaya experience.

Sita, 18 years of age, was awarded a scholarship to financially support her education with the Bintan Tourism Institute and gain in-house work experience with The Sanchaya.

Sita graduated from her study with the institute on October 27 this year, and has gained full-time employment with The Sanchaya upon completion of the program.

“I absolutely love it here - I love meeting foreign people and am learning many thinks, particularly about excellent service that I cannot learn at other hotels,” Sita said.

“The most important thing for me is how the Guests feel; that they feel comfortable and have an excellent time at The Sanchaya.”

Sita said she was hungry to “learn more and then keep learning” and move into management.

The Sanchaya’s HR Director Tyas said she believe Sita would become a front office supervisor in the not too distant future.

“Our residents always say they are so happy with Sita; we are truly proud to have her in the family,” Tyas said.